Directed and written by Pawel Pawlikowski as a masterpiece bringing to surface several social themes. The story follows the intricacies of two teenage girls, different in every way. Mona, from a dysfunctional family, with only her brother around; and Tamsin, from a high middle class family. Their meeting is by chance on a random stroll, and they immediately strike a friendship.

Mona is recovering from a break up from her boyfriend along with handling her brother, Phil, who seeks to turn their bar into a church owing to his change in conviction while in prison.One night the girls go swimming in a nearby river, passion arise ending up in a sultry night at Mona’s. Mona is glad to have finally caught a break, in the form of a romantic dance with her new friend. Trouble seems to pursue her, when everything collapses, and what was seems not. A riveting piece with twists and turns.



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